We are here to help put the pieces of your life together again after traumatic brain injury.

NeuroRehab Solutions strives to provide the most aggressive Therapy and Medical Interventions in the Neurologic Post-Acute Care continuum allowing us to enhance an individual’s chances of recovery and a successful outcome. NeuroRehab Solutions while specializing in the treatment of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI’s) has developed programs and rehabilitation pathways to care for Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI’s), Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI), and many other Neurologic Diagnoses.

NeuroRehab Solutions has Programs to meet the needs of individuals with continuing deficits as a result of traumatic brain, acquired brain or other neurologic diagnoses regardless of where they happen to be on the Neurologic Post-Acute Care Continuum. Our Neuro Programs offer clients the opportunity to stabilize and return to society.

neuro rehab We Understand the Challenges of TBI!
“Our NeuroRehabilitation Programs offer very intense short term rehabilitation and behavior therapies which allow neurologically diagnosed individuals to return home and to society as quickly as possible.”

- NeuroRehab Solutions

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neuro rehab We Understand the Challenges of TBI!